Our History

SUPERFENCE, formerly known as Eco-Secure, started out as a game park fencing solution that recognized the need for a maintenance-free fencing solution that doesn’t compromise on perimeter barrier protection.

Environmentalist wanted a Fence that could stand up to big game “rubbing up against the fence” and perhaps even more importantly, stopping poachers from getting through the fence system. They also wanted a fence that could blend in with the environment and, after many studies, selected the colour “Hunters Green” as the most suitable to blend in with most South African foliage and shrubbery.

Eventually the need for other systems became apparent, and the “Wetland” and “Small Game Through-Fare” system were developed.

Eco-Secure Fencing was renamed SUPERFENCE; with that, a new vision of security barrier protection came with it. Now offering an integrated electric system to boot, SUPERFENCE has only grown from strength to strength.